We are delighted to announce that the first CSSC demo centre has been launched in Bulgaria! The Bulgarian case showcases the use of solar energy and biomass for the meeting of all electricity and heating needs of an office building in Varna. At present, the building is being used by 5 employees and is also generating electricity for the charging of two e-cars.

Thanks to the installation of 65 solar panels, the demo site will allow for a total of 1500 EUR to be saved annually since it will generate 8000 kWh electricity from renewable sources and 10000 kWh heat biomass energy.

Other positive impacts are:

  • An increase in the share of renewable energy sources level by 3 % at local level
  • A reduction in CO2 emissions by 3 %
  • The lowering of the energy consumption from fossil fuels by 2%

Put picture – Blog 2 – Varna, Bulgaria

Have a look at our photo story below to follow the whole installation process and to better understand how this CSSC system works!

Installation of PV panels on the roof of the building.

Put picture – Blog 7 – Varna1

View of the installed PV panels on the western slope of the roof.

Put picture – Blog 7 – Varna2

This is the electrical part of the system, which combines PV Panels, MPPT Controllers, the inverter and the batteries. In the middle you can see the main panel, which consists of fuses and monitoring system.

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