ConPlusUltra supports the sustainability initiative of Raiffeisen Landesbank Burgenland

The CSSC project addresses the energy security and energy efficiency demand of medium-sized and smaller target cities in the Danube area, aiming to accelerate the up-take of energy storage and sector coupling solutions. To build up the capacities of municipalities and related city actors to assess, define and implement concrete implementation projects, ConPlusUltra offers numerous energy services for public institutions and accompanies communities and regions in the creation and implementation of customized energy concepts and action plans. With the aim of realizing energy efficiency potentials, planning of future-oriented energy supply concepts, energy storage and sector coupling solutions, as well as integration into corporate decision-making processes.

ConPlusUltra has become an official cooperation partner of the Sustainability Initiative of the Raiffeisen Landesbank Burgenland in Austria.

The sustainability initiative aims at supporting private households, companies and communes who are interested in carrying out innovative green projects. To offer these services, the initiative has formed a network of finance institutions, business and technical consultants as well as engineering and installation companies to name a few.

ConPlusUltra has agreed to make all its services available to companies and communes in the region wishing to take part in the green transition and switch to cleaner energy.

Also, ConPlusUltra is supporting the bank in setting up energy communities that can potentially cover 99.5 % of the electricity consumers in the province. For all 20 electric power transformation stations in the province there will be a regional energy community that will further join an umbrella energy community. The legal entities of the energy communities will be non-profit co-operatives that are under close guidance and control of the bank and hence benefit from the credibility of an established banking institution.

Further, for any common investments in the energy communities, the bank will be offering special loan conditions and supporting investors with consultancy about grant funding, tax optimization, and licensing. This is a big step for Burgenland and Austria since the initiative marks the beginning of larger cooperation ventures promoting and supporting energy communities at a regional level.

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