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The CSSC Lab platform brings together the project’s 4 demo-centres in Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Slovenia. By hosting them in one virtual location, a transnational City Storage & Sector Coupling (CSSC) Lab can be created, which can inspire other cities across the Danube region. The different demo centres propose a range of solutions, all of which can be witnessed online via the platform. 

Not only does the platform harbour all the documents, analyses and guides developed in the framework of the CSSC Lab project, it also provides you with live data on the different demo sites and allows you to see how the different demo centres function in real life.  By allowing you to explore different solutions, you can identify the one, which is most appropriate for your municipality or city!

CSSC Lab demonstration centers

Demo sites have been developed in Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovenia in order to demonstrate the real-life use of different CSSC technologies. Each site tests a specific sector coupling solution in line with its local needs. For this, technical equipment has been procured and installed as part of the project activities.

For example, in one solution, electricity is being generated with photovoltaics, stored in batteries and used to charge electric cars. In another, solar thermal energy is being captured to heat a local school building and thereby also benefits the local community. These are just two of the stories to be told about our demo sites.

Stakeholders can follow the set-up, operation and development of the demo sites. In this way, the know-how acquired through the project is shared with interested parties beyond the original project regions. Furthermore, the platform shares live data from the demo centres relating to the different technologies, the energy production process and the KPIs.

What is sector coupling?

City Storage and Sector Coupling relates to the process whereby the renewable energy produced in the electricity, heating and transport sector (or at least two of these) is used in another sector with the help of appropriate technologies (EV chargers, hydrogen production, heat pumps and electric boilers) both on a small and a large scale.

Furthermore, it strives to maximise the effect of renewable energy (in the electricity and the heating sector) by utilising energy storage. For instance, storing renewable electricity energy in batteries or in thermal storage (via appropriate technologies) or storing solar thermal energy in thermal storages. This stored energy can then be used in periods of low production.

Check out Good practice examples on sector coupling which are gathered through regional analyses of our regions.

South Bohemian municipalities are interested in using the principles of community energy

South Bohemian municipalities are interested in using the principles of community energy

At the beginning of June, representatives of South Bohemian municipalities had the opportunity to visit the brand new demonstration centre for the use of renewable energy sources in Stegersbach, Austria. A few hours away, the village in southern Austria is a popular centre for active recreation. The local hotels attract visitors with thermal baths and …

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CSSC Lab project partners meet in Stegersbach, Austria

CSSC Lab project partners meet in Stegersbach, Austria

For the first time since the launch of the project, the CSSC Lab partners met in person in Stegersbach, Austria on the 14th and 15th of June 2022. This meeting was an opportunity for the project partnership to update each other on the main developments in the project and to strengthen the network through in-person …

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Second CSSC Training held in Stegersbach

In the context of CSSC Lab, Solar.One held another training in Stegersbach on 03.06.2022. The purpose of the training was to familiarise participants with sector coupling and city storage solutions.  The participants came from local municipalities and companies based in the region. The training began with a guided tour of the competence centre where the …

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